Fragments of words which didn't make it into the text (yet).


  • The 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, was the first and so far only time that Mickey Mouse (by Walt Disney co.) and Bugs Bunny (by Warner Bros. co.) appears together. In fact, the duration of their appearance is exactly equal, even in terms of number of frames.

Scripts, Languages

  • There is no meaning on the code point assigned in Unicode -- of course, there be some exceptions like BOM -- especially it doesn't affect ordering at all. For instance it was said that Hangeul in Unicode is well-ordered, but with introduction of Unicode 5.2 there are three or four blocks for initial, medial and final jamos, each of them sorted but not merged.
  • There are several methods to type in Hangeul text in computer due to Hangeul's hybrid nature: each Hangeul syllable is monolithic in the practical sense but also composed of individual jamos. Thus unlike most other common alphabets, there are plenty of efficient approaches for Hangeul input (not especially for Korean text); for example, Nalgaeset IME of Kim Yongmook provides very detailed and extensible layers of each aspects of Hangeul input, including how to input individual jamos (and virtual jamos as well), how to compose or break them into syllables, how to rearrange existing jamos within syllables, etc.
changed November 30, 2009